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So it's been a while. Sorry guys. I think I finally got it completely updated. The only link that won't work should be the link to my Wildfire fanfic. (I posted them all on fanfiction.net and they don't have a catagory for me to post it under so I have to wait on that one.) But everything is finally done, all the links should work. Oh and I changed the layout again. I figured... piratesavvy.com should be piratey... I also did it in honor of the next movie coming out :) To the two people I know who are going to be in the 3rd movie: You suck for going to the Bahamas without me. But seriously, Make Me Proud!! Hmmm... once I get the rest of my subdomains updated I think I'm going to try and work on a Pirate website. 'Bout time right? Oh, and I added 2 fanlistings, can you guess which ones they are? One for the Silsons and one for Amy! Check them out!

So instead of sleeping, what am I doing? Finally updating my site. I kinda lost my enthusiasm for web design. I know right? Hard to believe. Anyway, lots of stuff has changed as I'm sure you can tell. The 'about me' link shouldn't work. But almost everything else should. I'm still working on the page of the fanlistings I've joined. I realize this isn't a very 'piratey' theme but I don't really care. I was just tryin to make something simple that looks nice. I deleted a bunch of things... I don't really play tcg's anymore, nor do I run the one I did own. I really did enjoy it but until I start making real money at my job I just can't bring myself to zone out on things like that... which is probably why I've been having so much trouble working on this site. Anyway I hope you all enjoy the new look, and keep looking for updates cause I'm gonna try to be better at least at updating and adding new stuff.

I haven't done too much updating. I got 3 more of my fanlistings up. I will try to finish the others soon. I need to give Happily Ever After an overhaul. I need to update all my listings which i hope to get done tomorrow. Hopefully I will get this site done sooner than later.

So I made this layout back in June but never got a chance to put it up. I moved so I've been busy. HEA is on a pseudo-hiatus. Most of the site links work now. A few of them don't do anything yet, I'm aware of it ;) I decided I'm going to make a clique for girls who love the Weasley boys :) Eventually I will put my Great Rings site up and I'm going to make a fanlisting for Lupin. I'm sure that one will never be the official one but I just love him so I'm going to make one. So there. I finally got all my old listings finished and up but I have 6 new ones to do. I've got Yuri pretty much done, I just have to make some codes and put the site up. I think I might give Stacey the Fool one because I thinks she might like him more than I do :) (Don't get me wrong I love him but I already have one... two... 13 others. I am going to apply for the Einon fanlisting. (Einon is the evil prince/king from Dragonheart) I don't know when it clicked but I just totally fell in love with the actor David Thewlis.(Tis listing is taken grrrr) I know I know... Always the weird lookin people right? I don't know what it is about him. Probably his voice. I'm tryin to decide what to do about the other TCGs I was going to make. I mean I really like the layouts and cards I'm making.... I've got Enchantment, Kaleido Stage, and Skulls and Crossbones practically done except for the cards. I want to make a HP one but I'd rather wait until all the books and movies are out in a few years so that I don't have to keep redoing the cards every time a movie comes out and the kids look older. *shrug* we'll see. I added a download section. Every now and again I feel inspired and make some desktop wallpapers or other goodies like aim icons and stuff. Right now there are only the wallpapers there but I'll probably put up more soon. The Julia one is older and maybe someday I'll redo it but the Remus and Ron ones are fairly new. Lupin is on my desktop hee hee. My fanfiction will be up as soon as I can put it on FF.net. Be kind. I'm not really lookin for reviews, it's just a nice place to put it for people to read. I put all the fanlistings I've joined on their own page putting my favorites on the main page :) I wanted a calendar to be like Stacey so I'm gettin one. I wanted some link buttons, again to be like Stacey, so I made some up quickly. Anyway I think that's it for now.

Happily Ever After TCG is still going strong and I am currently hoping to open a new Fantasy TCG. I have the layout and some games for it but I have to make the cards. (Same with Equus but Enchantment got bumped up on the priority list.) I just opened a new fanlisting, He Shines which is a fanlisting for the concerts of Clay Aiken. I am temporarily hosting Grey Havens on my domain since mystic-angel.net isn't up right now. I deleted the buttons for the Aluminum Siren listing as well as the leythe/menesoymine one. I can't even spell their names how can I consider myself a fan ;) I think I might to make a seperate page for my listings...

I added 2 links to the link section, deleted RPGs I quit. I SHOULD be getting some fanlistings and am working on some more TCGs. I don't know if any of them will actually get off the ground but eventually they will... I know still not all of the links work but eventually they will too! ;) I made some forums but I don't know if I want to use them or not. So basically I just changed around the links again ;) nothing too exciting.

So Stacey went and bought her own domain so she will be moving her fanlisting. Bye bye hostee. *sniff* But in other news, we have a new hostee! Tortuga, a POTC Online TCG. I welcome Monica to my happy little subdomain family :) I updated Unrequited Love with a new layout and some lovely php scripting to make my life better. I have to reupload spectra... I probably should update it too huh? I will be probably gaining 5 more fanlistings if they all go through. I am also working on some more TCG's. I have decided to shut down Phantasy Garden. There's no point in keeping a game running if I have less than 10 members after months of being open.(And those that are members dont' participate much...) I have some ideas for some more games that will be awesome.

GAAAAA!! Finally right? We're back up and running... sorta. I organized my side links a bit. I have my first hostee... My friend Stacey's Gil-Galad fanlisting, Star of Radiance. (Everyone should go join.) I am going to be cutting down in my RPGS significantly in the next few days. I also am probably going to end up deleting Phantasy Garden Cards. I want to make some more fanlistings but first I need to figure out the PHP stuff. Yea... that's about it. Sigh I got a lot to figure out. I have a new control panal and stuff... I don't think I like it...

Groundhog Day :) I haven't really updated this page but I thought I'd leave a note that I am still around. I realize that the links under 'site' don't work just yet but I'm working on it, I promise! I've been slowly trying to shrink down my RPG list. I updated the template for my blog. It looks much better now. Haven't actually updated the blog yet but I'll do that soon :) I also updated my fanlistings. Yay for me.

So I finally decided to get me my own domain. Someone who lives online should have their own home right? Why Pirate Savvy? Well anyone who knows me should be able to figure it out. I had a few ideas for my domain but this one called to me. The gold... calls to me... I mean... It actually gave me that extra kick to buy the domain so I decided it must be special! Have a look around and enjoy your stay!