{Welcome to Pirate Savvy ::..

RPG University up for perusing. I plan to redo the site entirely and you'll see why when you look at it, but all the information is there.

So we're back. Finally uploaded site :) Obviously not done but I decided there was enough on there to justify putting it back. Took a lot down/off. I'll try to keep the updates current with the stuff I change and add. Enjoy.

So site still not uploaded yet so I don't know why I'm bothering with these updates. Eh. Finally finished everything to a point. Still need to finish going over the fanlisting page but that's not a priority really. I'm going to add some of my favorites via Listmania on Amazon. I'm gonna try to upload tomorrow.

Ok so here it is a month later. I finally got all the frames and tables to work the way they were supposed to. I also had been postponing because I didn't really have anything worthwhile to put up on the site. I've got a new section for my costume stuff, an old section that's got my crappy fanfic, another old section that's got all the silly image stuff I've made over the years, and I editted the 'about' section. I'm also going to finally start doing what I have been planning do when I got this site: Put up some informational pages about different pirates. I'm going to try and do like 1 a month because I'm going to try to do some hardcore researching to collect all the info that's out there for each new pirate I add. Eventually I hope to make this a completely informational site and I will move this personal page to a subdomain. Enjoy!

So... apparently it's been over 3 years since I updated this... crazy huh? I saw Watchmen last night and wanted to add fan stuff to my website about it. Realized I no longer have said website. So I was up til almost 6am trying to make a new layout and didn't finish. I like this layout a lot but Firefox won't show the customized scrollbar which kinda ruins the look of the page which really bothers the perfectionist in me. I really like Iframes but I think I might have to be lame and do it the hard way. I really need to get back into designing but... for now this is going to have to do.

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