I love sewing. Halloween is my favorite time of year because I can get creative. Someday I hope to do better photoshoots for all my costumes...

..:: Julia ::..

From: Cowboy Bebop
Worn: Halloween ???? and Halloween 2006
Description: Julia has always been one of my favorite characters. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it's because she was only in 3 episodes which made her really mysterious. Or maybe it was two kick-ass guys i.e. Spike and Vicious were crazy about her. Either way. I bought the suit from a girl who had cosplayed as Julia before. I sent her my measurments and she made it for me bam, done. (Well and $75 but not hte point.) Bought the wig off Ebay from HairMeNow I believe. Got the boots from Walmart for like 10 bucks. I had bought a bright green squirt gun that I had planned to paint black but I couldn't find paint that would stick soon enough and now I have no idea where the gun is to try again. And I bought the sunglasses from somewhere that I don't remember anymore. When I wore it again in 06 I made the choker and the belt. Belt is broken so I need to fix it or remake it. Glasses broke because I was wearing them as everyday-wear but I taped them and they serve their purpose.

..:: Wendy Darling ::..

From: Disney's Peter Pan
Worn: Halloween 2006
Description: Just wanted to do something simple and fun. Wore white tights and my characters shoes with this. Made a bow to match the tie on the dress. Put my own hair in a ponytail and used LOTS of hairspray to keep in the curl. I believe this is the first time I attempted to make my own costume from an altered pattern. Not bad. But not good either...

..:: Yvaine ::..

From: Stardust
Worn: Halloween 2007
Description: This dress was kind of a pain. The pattern I wanted to use to make it didn't come in my size. I had to buy the smallest pattern and then take it in after I was done which made it almost TOO small for me so I'm not sure if I can even fit into it again lol. Also after I finished making it I found a pattern I liked better for it. Oh well. I found boots I liked for this costume but never bought them. I had to search forever for the necklace that I have for the costume but hopefully someday I'll remake it and it'll look right. The wig I got from http://wwww.cosworx.com. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find a longish platinum blonde wig without bangs... But regardless it came out alright.

..:: Batgirl ::..

From: Batman the Animated Series
Worn: Halloween 2008
Description: This is my favorite costume to date. I made the unitard myself from a pattern. I had to take it in because the pattern itself isn't very form fitting at the waistand put the zipper in the back instead of the front like it is on the pattern. I bought the gloves but had to rip open the seams and put in the triangle pieces which I made by hand and sew that up. The boots were discontinued and I had to try 3-4 different websites before I found one that had some left in stock. The wig I bought from Coswox as well. The mask I got off Ebay and I had to glue felt onto the inside of the mask so it didn't leave black marks on my face. I didn't make a cowl for a couple reasons but the main reason was because the wig wasn't as long as I thought it would be so as a result not enough of the red hair would be hanging out the back to look good so I opted for the mask instead. Plus I wasn't sure how to go about making the cowl so again, the mask was a good substitute. I bought the logo off Ebay as well. The cape was a pain. I made it completely by hand. I cut each of the 18 triangular pieces by hand from a makshift pattern I made. The pieces were all different because the fabric wouldn't lay flat against the pattern because the edges were so narrow. I sewed each of the 9 pieces together for each side (yellow and black) and then sewed those two pieces together which of course did not match up so I had to do the best I could and then I sewed on another piece of fabric to go around my neck and sewed snaps on the cape and jumpsuit so it wouldn't pull on my neck. I love this costume.